STATEMENT: Bayan Muna on immunity for witnesses from NBP

20 September

Bayan Muna Rep.Carlos Isagani Zarate today raised serious concerns on the grant of immunity to alleged druglords operating inside the National Bilibid Prisons and now testifying before the House Justice Committee.

We want to ferret out the truth on this criminally despicable and shameless drug operations inside the NBP. However, the apparent grant of blanket immunity to these druglords without a clear vetting system on their testimonies may become problematic in the end.

What would prevent these already convicted felons from saying anything just to save their skins?

We should be wary on this possibilities and ensure that the government would not be taken for a ride. Otherwise, it may even undermine the campaign against the proliferation of drugs and the nefarious clout of these drug syndicates.