STATEMENT: Bayan Muna to the youth: Resist the revision of history, learn the lessons of Martial Law

September 21, 2016

On the 44th anniversary of the Martial Law declaration in the country, Bayan Muna Partylist representative Carlos Isagani Zarate encouraged the youth – the so-called millennials — to study and know the “brutal and despicable years of the Marcos Dictatorship”, saying that “learning our bitter past is the best defense versus a repeat of such tyrannical rule.”

“There are many important lessons that the youth must imbibe from our deplorable experience with Martial rule, like the power of the people to end tyranny. It is saddening that today’s youth feel so detached from the real events and ravages brought by Martial Law to the point that some of them say that it was the best time of the country. I encourage our young people to study history, involve themselves in progressive youth organizations, and get to know our history without the goggles of Marcosian revisionism,” Rep. Zarate said.

“Get to know Liliosa Hilao, Edgar Jopson, Maria Lorena Barros, Lean Alejandro, Charlie del Rosario, Eman Lacaba, and so many other youths of the time for whom the phrase ‘only in militant struggle does the best in the youth emerge’ rings true,” Rep. Zarate added.

“There is so much misinformation and historical revisionism especially in this dark page of our country’s history. Clearly, the Marcoses are hell-bent on erasing their grave crimes against the people. To honor the collective memory of the thousands of Martial Law victims, we should not allow the Marcoses and their revisionist minions to succeed in re-writing our history,” the progressive lawmaker said.###