STATEMENT of Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri on the reorganization of the Committee on Justice and Human Rights

20 September 2016

I am one with our people who want to see a Senate doing its job. We need impartial chairmen who conduct public hearings efficiently and fairly. People want results.

I am disappointed at seeing the Senate investigations being used to push other people’s political agenda. In my five years as a civilian, I watched how Senate proceedings often descended into grandstanding and become tools for demolition jobs.

“As legislators,we should be productive and proactive rather than destructive. People demand results from the hearings and inquiries like developmental laws. Right now, we are hearing the national budget which by itself demands our close attention.

Our offices must be used in delivering change that we promised will happen in the first year of this new administration. We should deal with horrible traffic, poverty eradication, jobs generation, improving education, stopping the spread of illegal drugs and criminality, instead of focusing on narrow ambitions.

Let us avoid using the Senate for grandstanding. I respect the power and prerogative of the Senate to investigate, but, once someone’s political agenda is involved, the whole process is derailed and public interest is forgotten.

If some persons want to expose certain issues about the President, their proper recourse is to impeach him. File an impeachment case.

If they have an axe to grind against President Duterte, they should file a case against him instead of transforming Senate inquiries into political circus.”