STATEMENT: Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process on release of political prisoners

Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process Jesus G. Dueza
Washington, DC, 4 December 2016

Earnest efforts have been ongoing on the releases of prisoners. But necessary legal processes take awhile as cases are within the jurisdiction of the judiciary, an independent & co-equal branch. We understand their angst and impatience but we are all forgetting that these efforts were never possible nor even imaginable in the previous times. it is only in the Duterte administration that these releases are all happening.

We are appalled why some sectors are now even publicly attacking government for ” not delivering enough” and for the perceived delay. Those mass actions and media attacks serve as hgood reminders for us in government that we need to do more. But putting undue public pressure on the government which has already taken unprecedented steps may not yield their intended results.

President Duterte has exercised bold political will to quickly resuscitate the peace process from where it was. And he does so also mindful that there is a need to balance things taking into account the processes that must be observed and the whole citizenry that he must also engage and serve.

As the President always says and does, this administration will walk the extra mile for peace. Yes, let’s all be in a hurry but let’s all keep the pace and be in step with him so we don’t stumble.