Statement of the Secretary of National Defense on the NPA’s recent actions against the Filipino nation

Fellow Filipinos, in the past weeks, the Communist Terrorists who call themselves the New People’s Army went on a rampage, burning equipment and properties of companies who refuse to succumb to their extortions. They do these to companies who build roads, export produce, transport people–activities that help generate employment and wealth for Filipinos.

They have also attacked and ambushed military and police personnel who were doing their constitutional duties and killed military personnel on home leaves.

They did these nefarious acts after they have asked for the resumption of peace talks and after they have announced that they will go on a unilateral ceasefire.

They are anti-development, anti-progress and anti-poor.

I, therefore, call upon all peace-loving Filipinos to resist these thugs, these terrorists who have brought nothing but misery to the Filipino people in the past 48 years. Let us resist their extortions because giving in will make them strong and perpetuate their criminal acts.

We at the Department of National Defense share in the vision of President Rodrigo Duterte of building a nation worthy of Filipinos and Filipinos worthy of a nation.

The path to real, lasting peace is indeed not without its struggles, thus it is important that we stay committed to this goal, and to let our actions reflect our intentions.

We stand by the President’s decision to resume the peace process but we likewise
should call on the Communists to show their commitment both in words and in deeds.