STATEMENT of Rep. Zarate: Delay in peace talks will only serve saboteurs

(Statement of Bayan Muna Rep. Carlos Isagani T. Zarate on the GRP-NDF peace talks)

I think that the issues raised by Sec. Dureza can be addressed at the same time that the peace talks are ongoing. They should not be used as stumbling blocks or preconditions for the resumption of the negotiations.

The longer it takes for the talks to restart, the peace spoilers and saboteurs would also have a longer time to sabotage the process.

The Filipino people have long supported the peace talks for a just and lasting peace. Indeed, addressing the root causes of the armed conflict like landlessness, oppression and exploitation, among others, will certainly get the continued support of the majority of Filipinos.

Resume the talks now. It is only those who benefit and profit from the current inequitable and unjust system will not support the peace talks and will do all they can to sabotage it.