STATEMENT: SAP Bong Go on PCIJ report

I find myself once again a victim of fake news and biased reporting. PCIJ is raising malicious issues against me based purely on unsubstantiated allegations and hasty conclusions. These false news, guised as “investigative reports”, seem to be politically motivated as the reports suspiciously surfaced around the same time when some groups had clamored for my senate bid.

To draw attention to their article, PCIJ and gma news on line still maliciously bannered this in its headlines: “Firms of Bong Go kin, top contractor: Many JVs, delayed” and “ firm of bong go’s relatives “ despite the fact that PCIJ admitted my non-involvement in said businesses.

My father has been in the industry long before I was born. Out of delicadeza, he did not bid in the projects of the City Government of Davao in all the 15 years when PRRD was mayor.

When my father and half brother participated in the bidding of projects, either as sole contractor or as JV partner, they were just exercising their rights. Being related to me does not disqualify them to bid. These projects are publicly bidded anyway. I never intervened nor influenced the DPWH on how they bid or award these projects. My office does not control DPWH to begin with.

I have never been involved in corruption in the government. I have protected my name over the years. If anyone can prove that I spoke with DPWH or any other agency involved in the funding of these projects, I will resign immediately!