BALAY MINDANAW: On extending martial law in Mindanao

Statement of Balay Mindanaw on RPOC 10 Resolution

Balay Mindanaw is an active member of the Regional Peace and Order Council of Region 10. We wish to clearly state that we do not support the RPOC 10 Resolution Supporting Martial Law Extension in Mindanao.

We believe that any measure that threatens the democratic rights of citizens must be opposed. We do not agree that Martial Law as an extreme measure to “address criminality and lawlessness” is the solution to the socio-economic and political challenges that Mindanao and the Philippines are facing now.

As we express this contrary view, we also reaffirm our belief in the potentials of RPOC as a positive enabling mechanism for democratic participation in governance and building just and lasting peace.

We also call on Congress to instead pass a new and more humane Human Security Act to effectively counter the threats and address the roots of the problems, rather than the Government resorting to blanket martial law declaration.

Balay Mindanaw
10 December 2018