SUARA BANGSAMORO: Martial Law is an act of state terrorism against us!

Statement of Suara Bangsamoro on Internatoinal Human Rights Day 

Suara Bangsamoro statement on the commemoration of 70th International Human Rights Day: Hold accountable the warmonggerer, murderous and puppet US-Duterte regime for its crimes against the Bangsamoro under Martial Law in Mindanao

The US-Duterte regime has unleashed a  bloody martial rule that claimed the lives of a thousand Meranaws and massacred seven Moro youth in Patikul and nine in North Cotabato. Its brutish rampage has flattened the country’s only Islamic city into a wasteland and has expelled its residents from their homes.

More than a year after the “liberation” of Marawi City, Meranaws are still prohibited to return to their city to rebuild their lives. In Maguindanao, Sulu and Lanao,  Moro families are driven away from their villages due to  incessant aerial bombings by the military.

On December 12, a joint bicameral hearing will be conducted by the Congress to vote on the extension of Martial Law in Mindanao.  We are not far from the grim possibility of another extension of Martial Law in the region and even greater threat of Martial Law covering the entire country.

The Bangsamoro vehemently opposes  the Martial Law in Mindanao for it sponsored the killing of our people, bombing of our communities and displacement from our territories. Indeed, Martial Law is an act of state-terrorism against us!

We demand accountability for all the crimes and injustice caused by the US-Duterte regime!

Justice for the victims of Martial Law.


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Jerome Aladdin Succor Aba
National chairperson
December 10, 2018