STATEMENT. UNITE:*Investigate twin blasts against church in Jolo for Truth, Justice 4 ALL

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We, Hambaraayat of LupahSug/Sulu Citizenry, who believe in Almighty God, perfectly understand His Decree and the inevitability of death.

However, we cannot just be apathetic and be meek just because we are not directly the victims albeit we, too, have suffered and agonized over this sudden kind of atrocity-the 1st ever of its kind in Jolo committed against a cathedral/place of worship-in terms of magnitude and proportion counting the numbers of dead (22) including more than a hundred casualties.

It brings to mind the Notre Dame of Jolo Coop bizarre blast that remains unsolved today, the massacres against civilians in the hinterlands, the spate of KFRS (Kidnap for Ransom Syndicates) albeit isolated cases but which are done perennially.

Nay! We cannot blame shaytaan and the shayateen for this War Against Allah so to speak diabolically committed against innocent civilians and the weak.

We cannot afford to be silent amidst this dhulm, and oppressive conditions where our human security is at stake and put to risk despite the presence of our “delegated” Parens Patriae ; it is incumbent upon every Tausug in Lupah Sug or those Tausug flung elsewhere in diaspora to speak up and implore – In The Name of Peace As Salaam and In The Name of Justice Al Adl – plaintively our President, the Senate, Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), Philippine National Police (PNP), Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) Governor, 19 Mayors, Governor, Board Members, Councilors, Purok and Barangay Leaders, Human Rights (advocates) along with civil society including faith-based organizations to collaborate and co-own the issue so that AN INDEPENDENT NEUTRAL INVESTIGATION be conducted immediately to identify the perpetrators so they can be liable before the law.

Without a thorough investigation no clear and rational action can be done to ensure justice for all victims and to ensure that it shall not happen again bi idhnillaah.

For what is the use of pouring our hard earned taxes for peace and security, for catapulting expensive bombs, and littering Sulu Province with military presence when it cannot preempt a TERRORISTIC ACT inside a relatively small place of worship?

Oh yes we cannot bring back the innocent lives of those who perished but we can certainly bring back Peace and Security in Lupah Sug if we Strive and Work for it As One Body with our Elected Leaders at the Forefront in our United and Sincere Call to Preserve and Sustain Peace and Unity in our Beloved Lupah Sug.. for indeed it is Now or Never. #conscientize Lest each of us shall be asked by Our Lord… what did you do in the midst of dhulm and oppression? #hand #speech #heart #jihadunNafs



In Shaa Allah

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