GREETINGS: Birthday gift to President Duterte: stay home

(Statement of Senator Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go on the 75th birthday of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte on 28 March 2020, posted on his FB page)

Happy birthday, President Rodrigo Duterte! Thank you so much for being an inspiration and mentor to me in serving fellow Filipinos.

I wish you to stay healthy and God will extend your lives so that more our countrymen will help and serve you!

I will always live your advice to always prioritize people’s welfare because we will never go wrong when we do this. As you always say to me: ” Prioritize fellow Filipinos, you can’t go wrong.”

Today President Duterte’s birthday, I want to inform my fellow Filipinos of his birthday wish. The only thing he asks is the unity and cooperation of all Filipinos so that we can completely overcome this situation. Let’s have a solidarity!

To my fellow Filipinos, if we have anything to gift for our beloved President, it is our obedience to the rules – STAY AT HOME.

The President will also charge all of us that we continue to pray to overcome this trial. Let’s also pray for our frontliners – healthworkers, doctors, nurses and also the military and policemen who portrayed their duties to protect us all. The President says that all support and help should be quickly given to them as heroes in this gyera.