STATEMENT of IID: Building stronger solidarity and lasting peace

The Initiatives for International Dialogue (IID) is one with the peoples of the Philippines in commemorating the 36th anniversary of the EDSA people Power Revolution that sparked the historic people -to- people solidarity ending the 21-year dictatorial regime of Ferdinand Marcos.

In today’s challenging times, where crackdown on civic space is being normalized and institutionalized through state policies, and lies are peddled as truth, IID joins our people and the broad human rights and peace movements in defending the remarkable gains and essence of people power that has restored democratic institutions and ushered in political and social reforms in our nation.

While there is still a lot of work to be done as we still face further challenges to our peace and human rights and unity as a people and as a nation, let our response be driven by the same democratic ideals of people power. Let our ultimate purpose be, not a perpetuation of neither division nor hate, but of building stronger solidarity and lasting peace.

We strongly believe that our peace and human rights are not gifts or favors from those who govern us–they are byproducts of those multitudes who struggled before us and it is our duty to defend them at all costs against those who are trying to obliterate these gains to serve their own selfish ends. Our struggle against Marcos dictatorship and the triumphs we achieved are meaningless if we allow a culture of impunity to persist and the violation of human rights to remain unabated.

Today, we pledge our unrelenting commitment to continuously struggle for a just peace, democracy and human rights. #NeverAgain #PeoplePowerAlways #SolidarityPhilippines