New Moro laweyrs challeged to serve

No list of Moro topnotchers is readily available but only a few have attained the distinction, among them Prof. Gafar Lutian of Jolo who placed 7th in the 1991 Bar examinations.

One of the successful bar candidates,  Arifa Alauya-Ala is the fifth lawyer among the Alauya brood  of Lanao del Sur. Her father, former Jurisconsult Saadudin Alauya, was founding member of the Commission that drafted the Code of Muslim Personal Laws (CMPL) of 1971.

Rather than engage in election lawyering as is the usual case, the new Moro lawyers were challenged to address the issues of injustice against Muslims in the Philippines.

A Manila-based civic group, the Young Moro Professionals Network (YMPN) Chairperson Baibonn Sangid said, “  We hope your profession will help uplift the condition of the Moro ummah particularly those innocently and unjustly incarcerated behind bars in different jails nationwide on the pretext of  preventing terrorism.  Let us help ease the pain of our brothers and sisters who are languishing  in jails.”

Lawyer Raissa Jajurie of Saligan invited the new lawyers to join alternative lawyering through the Bangsamoro Lawyer’s Network (BLN) which seeks to serve the marginalized sectors of society.

In 2005, the Commission on Human Rights and the Women Lawyer’s Circle (WILOCI) documented the cases of Muslim women and children detained in Metro Manila jails. The study showed a high incidence of human rights violations. YMPN estimates there are about 600 women detained in Metro Manila, many without legal aid and mostly facing criminal charges under RA 9165 known as “The Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002.

A 2003 UN report says some women have become drug users or pushers as one of the effects of poverty and unemployment.

The Bangsamoro areas, one of the poorest regions in the country, are also in need of professionals like lawyers. Senior Research Associate Dr. Astrid Tuminez of the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) said lawyers, educators, entrepreneurs are needed by Moros.

The list of successful Muslim examinees culled by YMPN are the following:

1.      ABBAS, Osop MP.

2.      ADIL, JR., Abdul Hafiz T.

3.      ALAUYA-ALA, Arifa M.

4.      ALI, Abdul Gaffar R.

5.      Asdaon, timhar

6.      Batua , Asnaira M.

7.      BIRUAR, Bai Ashrafia Aymee A

8.      DIRAMPATEN, Cashmer G

9.      Disocor, Hariz Jabbar P.

10. Gandamra, Majul Usman

11. GURO, Agakhan M.

12. HASSAN, Zulaikha B.

13. HASSIMAN, Alnaiza T.

14. ISMAEL, Al-shwaid L.

15. Jumaani, ryan

16. LAO, Loren Hallilah I.

17. LUCMAN, JR., Palawan S.

18. MACARAMBON, II, Dagoroan A.

19. MAGOMNANG, Mitchie

20. MANARONDONG, Kadapi D.

21. MANGONDATO, Ishac L.

22. MANGUTARA, JR., Mimbalawag T.

23. MITMUG, JR., Rasol Y.

24. MOHAMMAD, Satrina V.


26. Pacabuntal, Aslia T.

27. Pala, Izra R.

28. PANDA, Esmael A.

29. ROMANDA, Hanan A.

30.  Saydil, al-khaizar

31. Tucal, Salic R.