Town police chief accused of murder

Renelyn Rafael, 27, has tagged Insp. Benjamin Rioflorido as behind her husband Bobby’s murder. Aside from Rioflorido, she also included in the charge sheet a police officer identified only by his surname, Albao, and five other policemen.

Renelyn, who was nine months pregnant at the time of the killing, said that Rioflorido and his men arrived in their house in Sitio Anoling, Barangay Badiangon in Arakan around 5 a.m. on March 19 looking for her husband.

“They told me my husband was involved in a murder case, but that is not true,” she said in her in the vernacular.

A copy of the warrant of arrest, which she secured from the court, showed that her husband was indeed not included in the homicide case filed early this year. Those who were cited in the warrant were Bobby’s brothers identified as Jona alias Patong and Berto alias Dodok.

But Rioflorido, in a radio interview, argued that they have copies of several warrants of arrest for Bobby for murder and multiple frustrated murder cases that occurred in 2000.

Bobby, including his two brothers, were accused of being involved in a grenade throwing incident in 2000 in Barangay Badiangon in Arakan that killed one person and injured several others, Rioflorido said. They are reportedly facing two cases of murder and multiple frustrated murders filed before the Regional Trial Court Branch 23.

The police chief said that they started their surveillance and monitoring of Bobby’s presence in the area “for so long a time.”

“Based on our monitoring, this person is so dangerous,” he said, noting that Bobby carried several guns.

When police arrived in Sitio Anoling on March 19, they were met by Bobby’s mother. “We told the mother that we want to arrest Bobby. But she would not allow it and even told his son not to come out of the house,” said Rioflorido.

He said they were surprised when Bobby fired his gun and shot Police Officer Bebot Adami on his neck. The police fired back and hit Bobby.

Renelyn, at that time, was shouting and begging to spare the life of her husband, Rioflorido said.

“When I saw that my husband has been shot, I hugged him. But they told me to stay away. I saw one of the policemen fire his Armalite rifle and shot Bobby many times,” she said.

“I want justice for my husband, so I’m filing a case against them,” she stressed.