Bayan Muna seeks justice over Cardino’s abduction

Gilbert Rey Cardiño, 27, Regional Coordinator of BAYAN MUNA SocSkSarGen  surfaced after 3 days of mental and physical torture since his abduction last June 6 in Barangay Pangasinan, Barrio Dos, South Cotabato by suspected military elements linked with retired Maj. Gen. Jovito Palparan’s Oplan Bantay Laya machinery.

“The trauma and physical injury suffered by Gilbert Cardiño was excruciating that he remains shocked as of press time,” Bayan Muna Southern Mindanao regional coordinator Jeppie Ramada relayed.

Ramada added that investigations are ongoing and important leads to the identifications of the perpetrators are slowly getting clear with the initial statements of Gilbert Cardiño.

“We are reiterating the participation of the Armed Forces of the Philippines in this yet another case of political repression basing on the statement of the witnesses and the pattern in which the abduction of Cardiño appears very similar to other operations of political killings and repression in the country,” Ramada said.

Gilbert Rey Cardiño is among the first victims of political repression after the elections following the forced disappearance of farmer-activist Jonas Burgos last April.  Cardiño is the third to be abducted in South Cotabato since last year.

Ramada added that “the records of political killings and harassments under Gloria Arroyo’s presidency and her Oplan Bantay Laya reveal common evidences, statement of the witnesses, crime motives, and usual alibis of the AFP.”

“Cardino's abduction goes to show that the Arroyo government is bent in pursuing and intensifying political repression. The last elections has shown the still overwhelming people' s support for Bayan Muna despite massive and nationwide campaign for electoral fraud and militarization that prevented Bayan Muna members and supporters from voting,” Ramada said.

“We urge the people, the Local Government Units in Southern Mindanao and other concerned human rights groups to join in claiming the justice for all the victims of political killings and repression in the country,” Ramada ended.

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