Ka Bel’s freedom inspires movements vs HSA, says Anakpawis

Congressman Crispin Beltran was released from a 16-month incarceration after the Supreme Court dismissed the rebellion case filed by the Department of Justice against Beltran and the Batasan 5 at the height of last year’s implementation of Presidential Proclamation 1017 or better known as the “State of National Emergency”.“The Arroyo regime can not deny its desperation to neutralize vigilance and militancy that have caused the exposition of corruption, treachery, and human rights abuses of the Arroyo family, Armed Forces of the Philippines, and its political allies,” Anakpawis Southern Mindanao regional coordinator Editha ‘Inday’ Duterte said.

“The Human Security Act is no different from martial law that had perpetuated human rights abuses under the interminable powers of the military and the president being the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines during the Marcos regime,” she said.

“Gloria Arroyo’s illegitimacy as president has stormed her administration with endless opposition that she is hell bound to actualize the Human Security Act for her protection and the continuation of her term,” Duterte warned.

“Government pronouncements and resolutions that support the implementation of the Human Security Act are clear indications of an intensive military surveillance on institutions and organizations merely identified as enemies of the state,” Duterte said

“Worst, warrantless arrests of the people already charged with rebellion cases can have the vindication of the Human Security Act. The Supreme Court may have decided in favor of the truth at this stage, but the Arroyo administration is apparently beginning to overpower the constitution through HSA,” Duterte stressed.

“The Arroyo regime can not guarantee the safety of the people especially her critics with the implementation of the HSA. It has repeatedly initiated illegal arrests in the past, what more could it do now that the Human Security Act is about to be implemented,” she said.

Anakpawis questioned the information drive for HSA which has not reached the awareness of the public.

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