Burmese in Davao: “In the language of freedom, our hearts should be beating together”

“We nearly gave up our hope,” he said. But reading about how the world has reacted to their plight in Burma, and seeing how even Dabawenyos have shown their support, “I feel loved… We will win again. We can continue our journey.”  the Burmese national whose name is being withheld for security reasons, told a forum at the Peacebuilders’ Café here this afternoon (Tuesday). 

“In the language of freedom, our hearts should be beating together,” he told the forum initiated by the Initiatives for International Dialogue and the Asia Pacific Solidarity Coalition (APSOC). 

Earlier in the morning, the group picketed the Malaysian Consulate and was received by the Malaysian consul-general. Last Monday, the group picketed the Japanese Consulate. 

“We are crying and you gave us a shoulder to lean on. You are the wind under our wings.. we can fly,” the Burmese teacher said.  

“Than Shwe is not as educated as we are so he speaks through a translator,”  the teacher said.  

The teacher said United Nations representatives may meet with the military junta leader, Than Shwe but the translator will not translate the UN’s message to Than Shwe properly. The translator will not say anything bad to Than Shwe.”

He said countries that are still supporting Burma “should not do business with Burma” and should understand that the military junta “is not stable.” Within the junta, several power struggles have led to changes in leadership, the teacher said.

The teacher also noted the difficulties support groups go through in supporting Burmese protesters. 

 “How do we crack the difficulties?” the teacher asked. 

A Burmese national studying in one of the universities here said he is “moved by the spirit of freedom here” and hopes he will experience the same in his country soon.  

Several groups read their statements of solidarity with the Burmese people. Statements from Indonesia and East Timor were also read during the forum and a video presentation on the latest in Burma was also presented. 

Gus Miclat, IID executive director, quoted a Burmese national inside Burma as saying, “it is hell here” as thousands have reportedly been killed and immediately cremated. (MindaNews)