Rebelyn's ma asks Abp Capalla to lead probe of daughter's murder

"They (military officials) should not be afraid to present the military agents who we suspect did the killing if they are indeed innocent," Evangeline told reporters in a press conference this morning.

Lt Colonel Rolando JD Bautista, spokesperson of the 10th Infantry Division, in a press statement on March 7, said they understand the ordeal of the family of Rebelyn “but it would be unfair to blame the incident (on) the military.”

Bautista said Rebelyn’s father may be an enemy of the state “but his family has no part in his atrocious actions and in no way been subject to military operations.”


Evangeline Pitao holds a picture of her daughter, Rebelyn, 20, who was found dead in Barangay San Isidro, Carmen, Davao del Norte last week, during a press conference in Davao City this morning (March 10). MindaNews photo by Froilan Gallardo

Evangeline said her husband and the NPA did some sleuthing of their own and came up with four names of the military agents who abducted and killed their daughter.  

Several cause-oriented groups also joined Evangeline's call for Capalla to form an independent probe body to investigate Rebelyn's murder.

Bishop Delfin Callao, of the Exodus for Justice and Peace, said the probe body should be multi-sectoral represented by the civilian sector or non-government organizations.

Callao said the body should not allow any representatives from government agencies, police and military to join.

"This will assure us of the impartiality of the investigation," he said.

Callao said the body will be tasked to ask those accused of abducting and murdering the Pitao girl to defend themselves even if there is no assurance that they would comply and appear before it.

"The findings of the body could be the basis of any criminal charges to be filed against the suspects," he said.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has provided Evangeline and her children with police officers for their safety and security. 

Evangeline profusely thank Duterte for the security he provided but said their lives will never be the same again.

She said her life and those of her children will be in constant danger.

"Mokumpiyansa pa ba kami human sa nahitabo? Bisag mobalhin pa mi, sundan gihapon mi nila (Will we ever feel safe after what happened? Even if we’ll move elsewhere, they’d still be following us)," Evangeline said. 

Rebelyn is scheduled to be buried on Saturday morning at the Davao Memorial Park. (Froilan Gallardo / MindaNews)