US boxing promoter to Pacman: all I want for Christmas is an out-of-court settlement

McALLEN, TEXAS (MindaNews/23 December) – A Mexican-American boxing promoter Edmundo Lozano of the Imperial Ed Promotions in South Texas who sued Manny Pacquiao for  $1.8 million for  alleged breach of contract, wants an out-of-court settlement as his gift this Christmas.

And he is asking it from the world’s best pound for pound boxer.

Edmundo Lozano of the Imperial Ed Promotions in South Texas told MindaNews that if Pacquiao agrees to return the down payment he sent him and refund his promotional expenses, he will be able to pay off his financial obligations as a result of the cancellation of events in
South Texas last September 18 and 19 where Pacquiao was supposed to have appeared. He will also have his much-needed peace of mind, he adds.

Having Pacquiao as the guest of honor in the Mexican independence bicentennial celebration in McAllen City and other boxing-related events would have been Lozano’s biggest break as a promoter. He thought the event was a sure thing when Pacquiao signed the contract.

Lozano advanced half of the contracted amount and wired $100,000 to Pacquiao’s bank account.

As they went on full blast in promoting the biggest Mexican independence bicentennial event in the US, Pacquiao’s adviser, Michael Koncz, flew to McAllen a week before the event and told Lozano’s group Pacquiao couldn’t make it on those dates and requested for a new schedule. Despite hesitations, Lozano agreed for a date one week after Pacquiao’s November 13 fight with Antonio Margarito in Dallas.

No new schedule was set, however, and Lozano said, he could no longer speak to Koncz or associates of Team Pacquiao. Prodded to protect the promotion’s investments, Lozano reluctantly filed a $1.8 million civil case against Pacquiao for breach of contract on November 11. The summons was served on Pacquiao shortly after his bout on November 13.

Lozano is aware court proceedings would require time. All he wants now is the return of his $100,000 and a refund of his promotional expenses. A simple and direct response from Pacquiao will settle the matter once and for all, he said.

“The season is perfect for talking,” an emotional Lozano told MindaNews. He said the cancellation of the event took a heavy toll on his credibility, and “all I want now is for this situation to be done and over with.”

Lozano said Pacquiao can directly communicate with him, noting that what was hurting most was what he described as disinterest and refusal of the boxing champ’s team to even respond to their calls and  appeals as if they are the ones to blame instead.

“This is the Christmas aginaldo I most desire today,” he said.

And only the world boxing champion and Philippine congressman Manny Pacquiao can make Lozano’s wish come true. (Merpu Roa/MindaNews)