Grandpa saves five grandsons from burning house

DATU PIANG, Maguindanao—A 63-year old  grandfather  suffered  first degree burns on his back and stomach after  he bravely crossed the raging fire to save his five grandsons.

Sandatu Acob, resident of Dadagas street in the poblacion here, was awakened  by the commotion triggered by the fire that struck their neighborhood Thursday dawn.

The first thing he did was to go up the second floor to get his five grandchildren out.

“ I did not mind anymore salvaging the things we had in the house, I rushed immediately to my grandchildren and one by one brought them to safer grounds,” he said.

Acob saw how the flames had eaten up the house and the stairway was about to collapse but “I gambled to cross the fire to save my grandchildren,” he told MindaNews.

“I can afford to lose material things but not my beloved grandsons,” he said.

The local government listed 36 houses burned and around 60 families displaced, municipal administrator Musib Tan, said.

Residents said illegal power connection may have caused the fire. The local fire station is still investigating and has yet to release its findings.  (Ferdinandh Cabrera/MindaNews)