Lobregat: “make every hour Earth Hour”

ZAMBOANGA CITY (Mindanews/01 April) – Mayor Celso Lobregat has urged everyone to make every hour an Earth Hour to help contribute to the global efforts to reverse climate change and help save the planet from further deterioration.

SKY LANTERNS. Residents in Zamboanga joined the nationwide observance of Earth Day by putting off their electricity in their houses for Earth Hour on March 31 even as Zamboanga City suffers several hours of brownout every day. MindaNews photoLobregat made the call as he led the observance of the Earth Hour on Saturday evening in this southern port city, emphasizing everyone has responsibilities as part of the global community.

He noted that “many of you and our constituents” may wonder what  the significance of this year’s Earth Hour is especially in the face of the power crisis “we are experiencing in Mindanao.”

“I can understand the disappointment of many Mindanawons. But I hope we also understand that, despite our own problems, we also have responsibilities as part of the global community. Therefore, we must support all efforts to rehabilitate the Earth and reverse the effects of global warming,” he said.

“We are not isolated from the rest of the world. We share in the planet’s problems and must contribute to the solution. We cannot just complain or criticize but offer no resolution,” he added.

He said the world is experiencing drastic changes in weather patterns and parts of it are drowning in water while rest are getting low to zero water supply.

“All these are manifestations of how badly damaged our planet has become,” he said, adding that erratic water supply contributed to the present power crisis in the whole Mindanao island.

“It is definitely time for us to act and do our share in restoring Earth to its former state, hence our participation in this global call for action. And regarding our power crisis, please know that something is being done to find other sources of energy. What we need is the cooperation and support of all stakeholders,” he said.

Lobregat said he hopes that the observance of  Earth Hour will remind everyone to always make the conscious decision to contribute to the efforts to reverse climate change and help save the planet from further deterioration.

“In and by itself, our city’s contribution is too tiny and trivial to make any significant and immediate result. However, if we look at it in conjunction with those of other towns, cities, and countries all over the world, we are already doing so much. Let us all continue to make every hour Earth Hour,” Lobregat said.

Meanwhile, a total of 500 sky lanterns, which were released just as the power was shut down at 8:30 p.m. Saturday, lit up the skies of Zamboanga City.

The sky lanterns were released following a short program held at the Paseo del Mar, the newest and the favorite hangout park, for all walks of life in this southern port city.

The release of the sky lanterns was participated by the different sectors in this city. (MindaNews)