Loan borrowers from NGO in NorthCot deny having received money

KIDAPAWAN CITY (MindaNews/7 June) – Two loan applicants from North Cotabato trooped to the office of the Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement (PRRM), a non-government organization, after they received demand letters to pay the loan they have not even received.

Monina Legarda, of Barangay Batasan of Makilala town and Crescenciana Amahan, of Barangay Sikitan of this city, told PRRM manager Edith Bernad they have not received a single centavo at all from the NGO.

Marina Saraum, also of Sikitan, on the other hand, also went to PRRM and complained that she received only 85 percent of the P100,000 she loaned.

Amahan reportedly applied for a P150,000 loan July last year while Legarda for P60,000.

All three submitted land titles as collateral, according to Bernad.

“We were enraged when we received last week demand letters from the PRRM when in truth and in fact, we did not receive anything from them,” said Legarda.

So, where did the money go?

According to Bernad, their co-makers identified as Sally Jawod received the money sometime August last year.

But Jawod denied receiving the money, adding that the complainants have no proof she received the money.

“They did not give me special power of attorney to transact business with the PRRM,” said Jawod. She challenged the complainants to check the records at the PRRM.

“By looking at those records, you would know who from the PRRM received such money. My name’s not in those vouchers, for sure,” she said.

When Bernad learned of Jawod’s denial, she was incensed.

“Jawod has the nerve to deny she received the money? That’s impossible. She signed a document as proof she got the money from us,” said Bernad.

Bernad recounted the incident when, out of trust and confidence, she released to Jawod the money that was supposed to be for Legarda.

“She came in here, around 6 p.m., in August last year, telling me that Legarda’s nephew was rushed to a hospital in Davao City and that the family needed the money so badly. Out of pity for Legarda, I released the money. But I let Jawod sign a document. She could not deny that,” said Bernad.

MindaNews was shown a voucher on Amahan’s P150,000 loan bearing Jawod’s signature as the one who received the money on July 6, 2011.

Jawod, according to Bernad, has represented at least 54 other loan borrowers as their co-maker.

“Jawod destroyed the trust and confidence of this institution. We would pay attention to this. We will file the necessary charges,” said Bernad.

Legarda, Saraum and Amahan said they will join PRRM in filing charges against Jawod.

The PRRM is an NGO that helps enhance the capacity of rural communities in the planning, advocacy, and implementation of sustainable development through an integrated program of education, livelihood, health, habitat environment, and self-governance. (Malu Cadeliña Manar / MindaNews)