Davao City survey on love: Venus vs. Mars as usual

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews / 13 Feb) – It’s Venus vs. Mars as usual, as the results of a survey conducted by the Institute of Popular Opinion (IPO) of the University of Mindanao on the Dabawenyos’ concepts and expressions of love showed how different women and men are.

For instance, Dabawenyas find as most attractive men who have a good sense of humor. Next are men who have wit and intelligence, then those who have a romantic nature, those who are religious, who are sympathetic and who are responsible.

Wealth and good looks are the two least attractive traits women look  for men. But the IPO was quick to add that “being wealthy is always a leverage to win a woman’s heart, and good looks remain a fundamental advantage.”

Quite the opposite, Dabawenyos are easily attracted to wealth and abundance as they seek partners who are well-off, followed by women who are responsible, and who are sympathetic in a relationship.

While pretty women turn the Dabawenyo on, having good looks is only the fourth most sought after attribute, followed by being religious as these women are considered to be less likely to cheat in a relationship. (The survey, however, said that 12 percent of both men and women respondents admitted to have cheated in their relationship.)

But women who are romantic, witty and intelligent, and have a good sense of humor are not as attractive for the Dabawenyo, survey results show.

Ma. Linda Arquiza, IPO executive director, said: “They (men and women) may express love differently but that this is the essence of love and attraction – only opposites attract.”

She said the survey also showed that men and women are both romantic and affectionate.

Prof. Adrian Tamayo, IPO’s specialist, said majority of the 1,220 total number of respondents were women, in their late 20s and mid-30s, and belong to the middle class.

The survey was conducted from January 26 to February 7, using a margin of error of 5 percent and a confidence interval of 95 percent.

The IPO said the results are a manifestation of the male ego, which means that “men are very competitive by nature and it is common for men to demonstrate egoistic tendencies in a relationship.”

It added: “They (men) frown on women who undermine them. Hence, intelligent women with good sense of humor are eclipsed by affectionate women, at least as far as the Dabawenyos are concerned.”

In expressing love, women are impressed with expensive gifts, to receive romantic messages through text, cards or letters, the survey results show. Women also sense intensified love and commitment when men render services and succumb to the former’s whims.

Women find kissing and dating as “important part of a relationship,” which men also considered the same as it is ranked second.

Saying “I love you” and giving of flowers are the least preferred expressions of love for women.

But giving flowers and saying “I love you” still remain at the men’s top list of expressing love, according to the IPO.

Rendering women service, sending romantic messages and giving expensive gifts are the least ways of men in expressing love, the IPO said.

Arquiza said the IPO will consider doing a survey on the third sex, adding that her office will reveal its results of surveys on the Sin Tax Law and peace, particularly on the Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro. (Lorie Ann A. Cascaro / MindaNews)