Newborn baby declared dead turns out to be alive

KIDAPAWAN CITY (MindaNews / 20 June) – A premature baby delivered at 30 weeks and declared dead by a staff of the government-run provincial hospital here turned out to be alive.

The baby girl, according to her aunt Janet Rinsulat, was born through normal delivery at the Cotabato Provincial Hospital around 7:30 a.m. last Sunday.

Rinsulat, in an interview over dxND, said they were told the baby did not cry after the delivery. “The staff told us they did everything to deliver the baby alive and make her cry but failed,” she added.

An hour later, the baby was placed in a carton box and was given to the relatives, she added.

One of the relatives, Mia, was tasked to wait for the funeral car outside the hospital. She was surprised when she heard a baby cry. “She was terrified after she learned the cry came from the box where the supposed body of the baby was placed,” recounted Rinsulat.

They then rushed the baby back to the emergency room. A few hours later, the hospital staff placed the baby at the incubation room, or what is called the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit, since the child was premature.

Relatives, however, have complaints, especially on how the baby was being handled at the incubation room.

According to Genalyn Rosales, also one of the aunts, there was problem with the hose of the oxygen tank attached to the. Later, they complained that one of the hospital staff put off the lights at the incubation room.

“They were asking us initial deposit for the use of the oxygen tank. We paid them. Yet we found out there is a problem with the oxygen tank. Is that the right way to treat their patients?” lamented Rosales.

She said they already had the incident reported to the local police on Thursday.

“We want justice for this. Those who are responsible for declaring our niece dead but turned out to be alive should answer for it,” said Rosales.

Dr. Eva Rabaya, assistant chief of hospital, said they will investigate the incident.

“I can’t give the details but rest assured we will do everything to give the necessary service to the baby,” said in an interview.

She, however, can’t guarantee the baby will survive.

“Most of the time, when babies are on preterm births, there is tendency they won’t survive. But let’s pray she will survive,” said Rabaya.

She said she was informed the baby has already developed an infection, and promised they will determine what caused it.