What Surigaonons want in Aquino’s SONA

SURIGAO CITY (MindaNews/20 July)—Residents and netizens here expect President Benigno Aquino III to address the country’s unemployment problem, the power supply situation in the island and rising fuel prices, including the Mindanao peace process, during his State of the Nation Address (SONA) on Monday.

Mostly via the Facebook group Surigaonon Ako, these are what people from here want to hear during Aquino’s SONA:

“He should talk about the unemployment rate in the country. It’s okay if he will say that our economy is getting better but the question there is how about the middle class and the marginal sectors? Maybe the big businessmen are enriching themselves.” –former city councilor and lawyer Jose Expeditus Bayana.

“I hope PNOY will speak something on the power situation in Mindanao.”– Dodong Fulgeurinas.

Nida Mantala Comandante said the people need livelihood, employment and right salary.

For Robert Morales, a mine worker from Claver town in Surigao del Norte, he said that sufficient power supply is needed for a stable economy in Mindanao. “Without power, the business sector will incur losses and this will affect the employed sector.”

“Our business has been affected, we need concrete action from the President. His words on this at his SONA will surely appease us and we are waiting for the right solution,” said Morales, who prefers the development of green or renewable energy over fossil fuels like coal and oil.

“I want to hear the President talk or do something about the water crisis in the city and other parts of the country.” — Kisha May Santa Iglesia, resident of Surigao City’s Barangay Luna.

For Angela Larong, she wants to hear about the solution on illegal drug trade in the country. “I hate it. Until now this perennial problem exists. Until now there are so many coddlers who are freely (involved) in his trade as if this is not a crime. I want (someone) like Davao Mayor Duterte. We need one like him in Surigao.”

Greta Ave said: “I am interested to know what is going on with the case about the P10 billion pork barrel scam.”

“Peace process with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, that is what I want to hear from the President’s SONA, I want to hear the gains of the talks and where it is heading to.” —- Romeo Orcullo, secondary public school teacher.

“I want to hear in his SONA that he is reviving the Oil Price Stabilization Fund to maintain price level affordable to ordinary Filipinos. Prices of other basic commodities go up every time oil prices go up.”— Ruben Dele Cerna, resident of Barangay Washington.

“Address unabated oil price hikes and he can address the problem of rising prices of basic commodities.”—Jenny Prisas, fish vendor.

“I want to hear President Aquino say something about oil prices. It is beginning to go beyond our reach as ordinary drivers. I believe that if the President can address the problem of (rising) oil prices, he can solve other problems that beset ordinary Filipinos like prices of basic commodities. ” — Joel Arevalo, driver. (Roel Catoto/MindaNews)