In Malaybalay: 24 new, 22 reelected barangay captains

MALAYBALAY CITY (MindaNews / 31 Oct) – A total of 24 of the city’s 46 barangays will have new barangay captains effective November 30.

Eleven of these newly elected officials have defeated the incumbent barangay captains and eight prevailed over fellow councilmen or new challengers as the current chairman are no longer eligible to run for reelection for having served three terms in a row.

The local office of the Commission on Elections, though, has yet to issue the official results for this city where a total of 69,305 of the 87,061 registered voters, or 79.6 percent, cast their ballots last Monday.

Among those who won against incumbent barangay captains are Crispin Pepito of Brgy. 4 who defeated incumbent Cleofe Melendez. Pepito lost in his bid for city councilor last May.

Accountant Rodrigo Niere of Brgy. Kalasungay defeated incumbent Ernie Paano, who has served in previous terms. Both candidates are members of the Bukidnon tribe in the area.

Incumbent councilmen (kagawads) who won against their incumbent barangay captains include Concepcion Palo of Brgy. 2 who defeated Marbie Binahon, Emilio Cid of Brgy. 11 who will replace Ruben Ravanera, and Helen Agpalo of Brgy. Simaya who defeated Nimfa Bautista.

Incumbent councilmen who won to replace third-termer barangay captains include Estela Edma of Bangcud, Cromwell Kiril Dinlayan of Brgy. 1, William Pen of Brgy. 7 who will replace outgoing village chief Alexander Maputi; and Lyzander Cedric D. Maandig of Brgy. 3.

But in Brgy. St. Peter, incumbent councilman Rubencio Organiza lost to challenger Jaime Sumaylo Sr. Third-termer barangay captain Domingo Hingpit is not eligible to seek reelection.

In Brgy. Caburacanan, where incumbent barangay captain Renato Sumbongan is also not eligible to seek re-election, Joven Salonga prevailed over two other opponents.

In Brgy. Laguitas along the Sayre Highway outgoing barangay captain Rosanna Linhay will be replaced by Ruben Tero, who prevailed over four other contenders.

In at least two areas, Kulaman and Busdi, both in the city’s Upper Pulangi district, the barangay council is a family matter.

Jenny S. Subang of Kulaman won over Leonardo Timbangan, who comes from a family with three members in the incumbent barangay council. Subang, too, comes from a family who dominates barangay politics. She will replace her brother, Zalde Singatao, as barangay captain. Another member of the Singatao clan, Trixie Gabrielle, is the outgoing Sangguniang Kabataan president.

In Brgy. Busdi, Nestor Dumala, outgoing barangay captain, did not run for reelection to give way to two younger brothers who both aspired to replace him. Bernard Dumala prevailed over older brother Jose, a councilman.

The list of new barangay captains also include those who are returning to the same post – Bebina Ke-e of Brgy. San Jose and Esperanza Martinez of Brgy. Dalwangan.

Dr. Glorio Sajulga, who served as councilman since 2010, once again regained his previous seat as barangay captain of Aglayan. He ran and lost for mayor in 2010 and for vice mayor last May.

Former Brgy. 10 barangay captain Nilo Q. Salga also defeated the incumbent, Edgar Evacuado.

Among the businessmen who won as barangay captain are Rodrigo Timones of Brgy. 9, who defeated incumbent village council man Dexter Maxileo Gamo. The incumbent village chief Yolando Llubit, did not run for re-election and instead run for village council person.

Agri-businessman Rumel Castilla Sr. will be the new chairman of Barangay 5.

In Brgy. Indalasa, councilman Romeo Manatad will replace Eladio Pancho, who did not seek reelection.

Managok barangay captain Wilfredo Ravidas lost to newcomer Aries Vincent Jurolan, son of city councilor Nicholas Jurolan. The latter is also former city mayor.

Retired police officer and former barangay kagawad Roberto Solito defeated incumbent Sumpong barangay captain Norvie Bayo.

Community worker Vicente Leono of Apo Macote won against incumbent barangay captain Julie Olili.

Association of Barangay Councils federation president Jose Medardo Estaniel won again as barangay captain of Sinanglanan, one of the villages in the city’s Basakan district.

Jacinto Tadlas also won another term as barangay captain Casisang, the city’s biggest barangay in terms of population and land area.