GenSan police comply with Holiday firing ban

GENERAL SANTOS CITY (MindaNews/07 Jan.) — The city’s nearly 600 policemen fully complied with the Philippine National Police (PNP) central office’s directive that prohibited the use or firing of issued firearms during the recent Christmas and New Year revelries.

Supt. Ruel Berango, deputy city police director for operations, said Tuesday all bar code seals that were earlier taped on the muzzles of firearms issued to members of the city police office remained intact until their removal on Monday.

He said a team commissioned by the city police facilitated the removal of the seals following an inspection of the firearms.

“Not one of our personnel had fired their firearms indiscriminately or made any related violation during the holiday celebrations,” the official said.

Berango said some members of the City Public Safety Company turned out to have loaded their handguns but they were made during an official operation of the unit.

He said the loading of the firearms was properly documented and backed by a spot report of the CPSC’s operation.

The official said the result of the untaping of the firearms’ muzzles practically cleared the involvement of city police personnel in the cases of indiscriminate firing that were reported in the area during the New Year revelries.

As of Monday, the city’s eight community precincts have recovered 12 spent shells or slugs of various firearms that were believed fired during the New Year’s Eve celebration but no casualties have been reported.

Seven of the slugs were found within a neighborhood in Purok 5 of Barangay Lagao while the five others were separately recovered in portions of Barangays Bula and San Isidro.

Senior Insp. Armando Galigo Jr., forensic examiner of the Police Regional Office’s 12’s crime laboratory, said the seven slugs that were recovered in Barangay Lagao appeared to have been fired by a single caliber .45 handgun.

“It was fired most likely from within the neighborhood and at around 500 to 600-meter radius,” he said.

He said the results of their examination on several slugs found at a portion of Barangay Bula showed that they came from just one 9mm handgun.

Galigo said they are currently evaluating the other recovered slugs, which will be matched later on with the regional police’s firearms records.

“We will compare them microscopically with all standards available in our office, covering the entire Region 12,” he added. (MindaNews)