Duterte: CCTV monitors should be monitored

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/24 Aug) — Malls and other large private establishments should ensure that someone is monitoring the closed circuit television (CCTV) monitors to help prevent crimes.


Speaking at Sunday’s Gikan sa Masa, Para sa Masa episode, Duterte said it is useless for establishments to have CCTVs and not be able to do anything during the commission of a crime.


“If you’re interested in crime prevention, somebody must be looking at the monitor,” he said


He said there should be three to four guards on standby near the premises who could be radioed for assistance when someone monitoring the CCTVs sees a crime in progress because “if you only have the CCTVs but can’t stop crime, then don’t bother.. you will (just) be wasting electricity.”
Duterte said he does not understand why some malls have no personnel monitoring the CCTV monitors when these could help prevent crimes such as shoplifting and armed robbery.
“What happens is crime review, not crime prevention,” the mayor said.
The amended CCTV ordinance requires establishments to install high definition CCTVs in areas where the public transacts business.
Businesses with a capitalization of at least P3 million are required to install the devices and to immediately surrender the footage to law enforcers or face maximum fines of up to P5,000 and revocation of business permits.
The ordinance also stipulates that an establishment has to have personnel who monitors the footage of the CCTV, which is mandated to have footage of 30 to 60 reels.
In the event of a crime, the establishment has to provide the footage to police forces as required.
The ordinance covers establishments including but not limited to banks, pawnshops, restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, and private transportation terminals whether by land, air or sea.
The mayor had earlier expressed concern that the ordinance might violate a person’s right to privacy, but the City Council said it required the ordinance only for areas where the public converges and transacts business. (MindaNews)