Leak causes water interruption in Davao

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews / 11 March) – A leak on the temporary transmission pipeline across Generoso Bridge caused water interruption to several barangays in this city Tuesday, according to the Davao City Water District.

DCWD spokesperson Bernard de Lima said in a telephone interview that the leak came from beneath the ground and was repaired immediately.

The leak was spotted by utility around 5 a.m. Tuesday and the initial water interruption began at 6 a.m. Services were restored shortly before noon.

According to De Lima, the coupling that connected two parts of the old pipes across the Davao River loosened due to wear and tear.

Affected areas of the water interruption were Barangays Bangkal, Matina, Ma-a, Poblacion, Obrero, Agdao, Sasa and Pampanga.

De Lima said the water interruption did not affect the water quality, with the official saying water flow was cut off temporarily to give way to the repair.

The water utility is currently constructing a 1000mm pipe to replace the old one being used as a temporary transmission line.

The new pipe aims to increase the utility’s carrying capacity by at least six percent of the water pressure.

De Lima said residents can expect the water pressure to return to normal, that is, what it was like for water users before the pipes collapsed in December 2012.

The larger pipes, which would replace the temporary 600mm bypass pipelines, would accommodate a larger water volume for at least 53,000 water service connections.

The new pipes are now at 55 percent completion, with the water utility waiting for the pipes and trusses for the suspension-type pipe bridge parallel and in between both Generoso bridges.