Murder complaint vs Swiss national dismissed

SURIGAO CITY (MindaNews/25 March) — The City Prosecution Office here has dismissed for lack of evidence a complaint for murder filed against a Swiss national who allegedly killed his best friend, also a Swiss national, in October last year.

“There is a lack of evidence, motive and circumstantial evidence sufficient to charge the respondent with homicide much less murder; the circumstantial evidence submitted by the complainant could not link the respondent to the crime,” the four-page resolution penned by Maria Kristhina V. Paat-Salumbides, assistant prosecutor and Manuel N. Tesiorna, Jr., city prosecutor, said of the complaint filed against Swiss national Arnauld Mcfly.

Mcfly, also known as “John Lennon” and“Arnauld Olivier Juvet” expressed jubilation over the dismissal of charges.

“I know the truth shall always prevail and I’m innocent of the crime,” Mcfly told MindaNews yesterday over Facebook.

Mcfly was accused by police of killing his best friend, Florian Mayer, 23, last October 7, 2014. The body of Mayer, a resident of Geneva Switzerland, was found with a stab wound on his chest in a grassy portion in the village of Togbogon this city.

The victim was a guest of Jazz Apartelle, an inn located of the said village. According to the witnesses at the inn, the victim checked in together with a ‘John Lennon’.

Police said Mcfly flew out of the country after the crime happened and returned to Switzerland.

“Although it may be true that the victim was last seen leaving Jazz Apartelle together with the respondent, it does not necessarily mean that they were together when the victim died or that he alone or with other individuals caused his untimely demise. There are several possibilities that could discount the respondent’s presence at the time of the crime, including the possibility that there were more than one suspect in the fatal stabbing of the victim,” the resolution added. (Roel Catoto / MindaNews)