Water rationing in Zambo continues despite frequent rains

ZAMBOANGA CITY (MindaNews / 30 Apr) – The Zamboanga City Water District (ZCWD) will continue to enforce the rationing scheme as the water elevation at its source remains unstable despite the frequent rains the past days.

Teddy Sarmiento, water quality division manager, said the rainfall only provided little relief by raising the water elevation at ZCWD’s diversion dam but rapidly decreased in a matter of few days.

The ZCWD reported that the water level at the diversion dam has reached the critical level of 73.9 meters. The normal elevation is at 74.20 meters

Sarmiento said the temporary increase in water elevation allowed them to extend the availability of water for consumers but was not enough to lift the rationing scheme.

“Kung medyo may relief man tayo ng konti, binibigay namin agad. We stretch our time, for example, yung sa ating rationing is up to 5 o’ clock, we stretch until 7 o’ clock to 8 o’ clock,” he said.

The water rationing started last March 3.

The ZCWD has divided its pipeline network into three areas – west, central and east – with corresponding schedules of water rationing.

The rationing, which started for 10 to 12 hours daily, initially covered the west and east areas.

The rationing was shortened to seven hours a few days later and covered all the three areas.

At present, the rationing scheme is at six hours daily covering all areas.

The ZCWD has more than 54,000 active water concessionaires at present.

Meanwhile, Sarmiento has assured the public that the water in this city remains safe and potable.

He noted turbid water comes out of the faucet when there is an abrupt change in pressure “but will clear out in a few minutes.”