Davao IT firm to stage Hackademy to help fresh computer grads land jobs

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews / 13 Apr) – A homegrown IT company here is holding a crash course on programming using the computer language “Python” which seeks to further develop the skills of local software programmers to meet the qualification requirements of the industry.

In a roundtable discussion at the Dermpath at SM City Davao, Betsy Tee, business development and communications manager of Ingenuity Global Consulting, said that the staging of the crash course came following a demand from the feedbacks of the IT community in Davao City, most especially academic institutions, to restage the “Hackademy” after its successful run last year.

She said that many of the fresh graduates today are not job-ready as their skills have failed to meet the standards of the employers as she explained that what most schools teach the students are no longer what the companies are looking for in applicants.

“Our course is related to computer programming and can do work in the IT industry… We have to constantly keep up with the technology. The biggest challenge is to keep up with the trend. Education should also be updated,” Tee said.

She said that the computer language Python is the trend in the industry worldwide but fresh graduates will still have to learn this before landing a job that requires the skills.

Hackademy, Tee pointed out, “is a fun, accessible, and affordable way for students to learn and acquire programming skills. Hackademy’s main approach to learning is creating opportunities to interact with trainers and mentors who are some of the best engineers in the industry.”

She said that Ingenuity is pursuing Hackademy as their corporate social responsibility (CSR) and a startup to help IT graduates and even the non-technical people develop the technical chops because even the company itself finds it difficult to look for qualified programmers.

The Hackademy also eyes to engage high school students and out-of-school youth as the target beneficiaries and “potentially contribute to preparing K-12 graduates for information technology jobs.”

For this year, Hackademy is opening its doors to college students and fresh graduates with its different program offerings – introductory course on robotics on May 2 to 6, for students aged 12 to 17; introduction to game development using “Scratch” program on May 10 to 13 for kids aged 8 to 14.

For college and professionals, Hackademy teaches project management with Agile Methodologies on April 27 to 29 ; introduction to programming using Python on May 23 to 27 for students and professionals without prior programming experience; and Python Programming Fundamentals for students and professionals with prior programming experience on May 23 to 27 .

The programs will be facilitated by Dominique Gerald Cimafranca, the Training Engagements Manager for Hackademy.