NDF-Southern Minda: another Marcos in Malacanang will spell disaster

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/30 Aprili) – The return of another Marcos in Malacanang is “courting a grave and inevitable disaster for the Filipino nation,” the National Democratic Front (NDF) in Southern Mindanao said in a statement titled “A cautionary reminder: History, especially dark history, should not be allowed to repeat itself.”

In a ten-paragraph statement dated April 28 but e-mailed to media outlets late evening of April 29, Rubi del Mundo, NDF-SMR spokesperson said Ferdinand “Bongbong” Romualdez Marcos Jr., son of the dictator Ferdinand Edralin Marcos, and incumbent senator and vice presidential candidate, “has the temerity to try to wipe out the real score of his father’s reign.”

Marcos is the frontrunner in the surveys for Vice President. In the Pulse Asia survey conducted for ABS-CBN on April 19 to 24 and released on April 29, out of the six candidates for Vice President, Marcos was the preferred choice nationwide by 31% of the country’s registered voters if elections had been held during the survey dates; 26% opted for Leni Robredo, 18% for Senator Francis Escudero, 15% for Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, 3% for Senator Antonio Trillanes and 2% for Senator Gregorio Honasan.

In the same survey, Cayetano topped in Mindanao with 31% followed by Robredo with 27%, Marcos with 21%, Escudero with 12%, Trillanes with 3% and Honasan with 2%.

Del Mundo said Marcos, Jr. “tries to hoodwink the people to believe a reinvented tale of ‘peace and prosperity,’ even as peasants and workers and ordinary Filipinos suffered the brunt of the most vicious and exploitative policies and programs of the overthrown US-Marcos dictatorship.”

The NDF-SMR also said that decades after the ouster of his father in February 1986, Marcos Jr. has “adamantly refused to admit the crimes of his father against the Filipino people.”

“He is unashamedly self-righteous as he pinpoints the current graft and corruption of the present reactionary regime of which he is a part while absolving himself of any accountability,” del Mundo said, adding Marcos also “keeps mum about death squads and extra judicial killings of the AFP under Oplan Bayanihan.”

Del Mundo said Marcos does not want to rock the boat of his “complicity and collusion with the brutal reign of the US-Aquino regime” and does not also account for the billions of pesos his family had “stolen from the people and stashed away in off-shore accounts—money that has been used to perpetuate the Marcoses in power since their downfall and that is now being used to buy his re-entry into Malacanng” in the May 9 polls.

“Tens of thousands of Filipino revolutionaries, mass leaders, and innocent civilians were tortured, abducted and killed by the dictatorship. Millions suffered the horrors of Martial Rule,” he said.

Del Mundo pointed to what he described as “20 long years of unrestrained fascism” that the Filipino people went through.

“The dead as well as the living continue to cry out for justice, justice long denied under the shroud of succeeding pseudo-liberal regimes and of the current Aquino administration that is as vicious, as corrupt and as brutal as the Marcos dictatorship,”

He said the Aquino administration’s warnings of a Marcos vice presidency is reeling with hyprocrisy “when it is equally guilty of allowing the Marcoses’ resurgence in the reactionary political power.”

The NDF-Southern Mindanao issued no statement against any of the five Presidential candidates.

On July 4, 2003, NDF-Mindanao issued a statement holding Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, now the frontrunner in the Presidential race, accountable for the spate of summary executions of suspected drug pushers and criminals in the city.

The statement, issued by Ka Oris, the guerrilla name of NDF-Mindanao spokesperson Jorge Madlos, said that in the guise of an anti-drug campaign, Duterte “has unleashed his Davao Death Squad (DDS) killing 58 suspected illegal drug pushers since January this year without the benefit of due process of law.”

Madlos noted that as the hit squad took several victims, it “spared big time drug lords.”

Duterte has repeatedly denied any involvement in the summary executions
which he claimed in 2003, could have been carried out by warring factions of criminal syndicates. (MindaNews)