Dabawenyos blame real estate boom for traffic congestion – study

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews / 30 Nov) – Majority of Dabawenyos pointed to the booming construction industry as the major cause of traffic congestion in the city but many of them also believe it is a “necessary sacrifice,” results of the survey conducted by the Institute of Popular Opinion (IPO) showed.

The study, conducted on 1,200 people from October 11 to 21, showed 81 percent of the public believe the sprouting development is more than the city’s ability to absorb, which causes congestion along roads.

“In effect, it affected road use and worsened the traffic situation,” it added.

At least half of the Dabawenyos believe that public convenience is factored in with regard to the new infrastructure projects as they deemed that these are “for their use, and that their inconvenience is one thing that they can personally absorb.”

Seventy-five percent blamed the growing number of vehicles and the behavior of the riding public for the traffic congestion.

The study showed at least 58 percent of the public think contractors consider the security and safety of the public while only 9 percent believe contractors put it aside.

It added that 55 percent of the public are impressed with the coordination between the city government and private contractors, which shows a good public trust that the government is on top of the situation.

At least 90 percent of the public said the traffic congestion is “normal occurrence of a growing city” and 82 percent think it is a “necessary sacrifice,” it stated.

“The public also believe that the traffic situation will be just temporary (61%), thus indicative of the expectations that after project completion, traffic situation will be better,” it added.

Only 33 percent of the public thinks that the traffic measures of the city government such as deployment of more traffic personnel, truck ban and closure of road slots for short-cuts as evident and effective.

Among the public suggestions to ease up the traffic include allowing construction work only at night in areas where construction causes traffic congestion in the day; upgrades of traffic lights system and equipment of the traffic personnel; and some structural recommendations which include rationalization of street vendor space, reconfiguration of current routes, modernization of public utilities, replacement of jeeps with bus, and requirement of parking space for car owners.

The Dabawenyos also want strict observance of discipline for both drivers and commuters, and the implementation of the use of pedestrian lanes while some raised rationalization of traffic enforcement, better traffic management scheme and number coding.

The public recommended increasing the penalty for traffic violations; continue the implementation of truck ban and designated loading and unloading areas; and assign a dedicated lane for trucks, private cars and public utilities. (Antonio L. Colina IV / MindaNews)