5 suspected drug personalities nabbed in Maguindanao

KIDAPAWAN CITY (MindaNews / 03 April) — Authorities arrested five persons, including a 55-year old mother, after they were caught selling shabu (methamphetamine hydrochloride) during an operation in Parang, Maguindanao, Monday.

One of the targets escaped during the operation spearheaded by the Parang Police.

Superintendent Ibrahim Jambiran, Parang police chief, identified the suspects as Esmael Sapal Panaliente, 25; Dema Edzel Maguid, 32; Sukarno Ditaya Mindo, 36; Tarhata Sapal Talipasan, 55; and Abdulhamid Odin Paido, 49, all residents of Parang.

Police launched a manhunt against a certain Umbra Talipasan who escaped during the raid.

Recovered from the suspects were several sachets of shabu and some marked money.

Also seized were a fragmentation grenade, caliber 22 rifle, a rocket-propelled grenade launcher, and several bullets for caliber 45 pistol and 5.56 mm pistol.

The suspects were immediately locked up at the detention center of Parang Police while charges are being prepared against them. (Malu Cadelina Manar / MindaNews)