“I am hoping that my personal experience with COVID-19 will help promote awareness”

NEW JERSEY (MindaNews / 21 April) – I am a registered nurse and I will get through this: COVID-19 is really happening!

It’s one thing to see patients dying with COVID-19 complication. But it is heartbreaking to learn co-workers and their spouses did not survive either! If it’s your time to go no matter what you do – your time will come and you will die. Yet now, I want to survive and live life!

Yes I washed my hands, wore my PPE (personal protective equipment), even stayed home for two weeks for the quarantine. And when you think you are clear it hits you. I had minimal exposure to bedside care with patients, yet here I am telling my story.

Wadrayna’s contemplative view through a bedroom window in North Arlington while convalescing on her 19th day bout with COVID-19.

It’s true underlying condition of HTN (hypertension) and diabetes are what COVID-19 appears to thrive in. So at the first onset of fever, please do not take it for granted. I did not experience shortness of breathing; I was not coughing No vomiting or diarrhea but I had sharp pain in my ribcage a week before the onset of fever, severe headache, body ache and weakness.

When I was admitted in the hospital on isolation, I appreciated more than anything else that my family was just right next to me through video calls. I even got a two-paragraph message from one of my six brothers who would usually send me a one-liner in any message. My five other sisters were with me all throughout, never letting go. My dear Inah, with her positive conviction that I will get through this as I always do, said, “You have yet to celebrate your 50th birthday.”

I find strength in my husband who never fails to amaze me with his calm demeanor and our beautiful daughter who is taking everything in stride. I am grateful and blessed for having such supportive family, friends and co-workers. Thank you for all your prayers. Dr. Tina Gonzaga, you are a gem… love you, friend! Hackensack University Medical Center Staff, you all rock! I am proud to be a health care provider.

I submit myself to Allah!

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar!

So please everyone, maintain that social and physical distancing, frequently wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, use sanitizers, wear the mask when in public or if you are coughing and PLEASE STAY HOME.

Because this could happen to you!

I am on PO medications: hydroxychloroquine and azithromax for five days, Vitamin C and zinc. I am not out of the loop yet. I was instructed to watch out for Day 9 and 10 as it gets worse before it gets better… if it gets better. In shaa Allah. Swab testing result in less than 24 hours… CXR shows pneumonitis.

I did not want to overshare but I am hoping that my personal experience with COVID-19 will help promote awareness. And there is always hope for recovery! Stay safe everyone!

The above post is my personal opinion and does not reflect the view of my employers.

(Wadrayna Jukuy-Dimafelix is a Muslim Tausug registered nurse in New York and New Jersey, USA who simply wants to share her experience as a COVID19 survivor.)