Mayor Duterte to politicians: Lend your ‘star power’ to promote COVID-19 vaccination 

Tourism industry workers, belonging to the A4 category, flock to the Waterfront Insular Hotel Pavilion in Davao City on Wednesday, 30 June 2021, for the “Bakula by the Sea,” a vaccination rollout program for tourism industry workers run until 2 July 2021. MindaNews Photo

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews / 05 July) – Politicians are welcome to lend their “star power” to boost the vaccination program of the local government here after former Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro returned to Davao City last Saturday to receive his second dose of anti-coronavirus disease (COVID-19), Mayor Sara Duterte said Monday.

During her program aired over Davao City Disaster Radio 87.5 FM, Duterte said that the “invitation” to help the local government boost its COVID-19 vaccination drive was not exclusively extended to Tedoro because other “big” national personalities have also been invited to help the city’s campaign on the importance of vaccination to end the pandemic.

Teodoro, who got his first dose of Sinovac’s CoronaVac during his meeting with the mayor at the City Hall of Davao last June 3, received his second dose a month later at the Mintal Comprehensive High School in Barangay Mintal.

Teodoro arrived at the school, sporting the local government’s signature green shirt. It was printed with reminders on the basic health protocols such as “1. Facemask, 2. Distansya (maintain distancing), 3. Hugas Kamot (wash hands), 4. Bakuna (vaccinate), Repeat 1-2-3” on the front side and “Stay Home” or Pundo sa Balay on the back.

Teodoro earlier offered to be a running mate of the mayor if she decides to run for president in next year’s national elections.

Duterte called Teodoro’s receipt of his second dose a “big information dissemination” on the importance of full vaccination.

The second dose is very important to get the vaccine’s full benefit, she said.

Duterte said that national personalities can help campaign for the COVID-19 vaccination program to boost the confidence of the locals to get themselves vaccinated against the virus.

She said the city government hopes to hasten the vaccination to bring down the active cases, while working to achieve herd immunity. The city targets to inoculate around 1.2 million to achieve herd immunity.

According to the Department of Health-Davao, Davao City reported 230 new cases as of July 4, bringing the total cases to 25,584 with 4,504 active, 20,184 recoveries and 896 deaths.