3 business establishments in Koronadal closed for violating health protocols

City Hall of Koronadal. MIndaNews photo

KORONADAL CITY (MindaNews / 15 October) – The city government has temporarily closed down three more business establishments for failing to comply with the health and safety protocols against COVID-19.

City Mayor Eliordo Ogena said on Friday the erring establishments were found by the local government’s composite inspection team to have continuously violated the minimum public health standards despite previous warnings.

He did not name the three businesses but said two of them are KTV or karaoke bars while the other is a recreation place.

Aside from the three establishments, which were meted with five-day closure, the mayor said they issued citation tickets or warnings to 32 other businesses.

“The inspections and enforcement operations to ensure that people will follow the health protocols,” Ogena said in the city’s government’s radio program.

The local government reactivated the inspection team last month as part of its enhanced measures to contain the community transmission of COVID-19.

The team is headed by the City Health Office and backed up by personnel from the City Licensing Office, Community Affairs Office, City Environment and Natural Resources Office, and the city police.

In over a week, Ogena said the city police personnel have also apprehended over 500 residents who were caught violating the health protocols and other local regulations in public places.

He said 126 persons were caught not wearing face masks, 112 for not wearing face shields, 166 for not observing safe physical distancing, and 172 for violating the curfew from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m.

Some minors were caught outside their homes while 28 persons were apprehended for smoking and 21 others for drinking alcohol in public places.

Ogena said the local government will continue with its massive information campaign to remind the people about the dangers of COVID-19 and the need to follow the health protocols.

He specifically cited the “rekoridas” or roving public announcements, radio and social media information drive, and other related community-based campaigns.

“We have to remind the people at all times that Covid-19 is around the corner and we also have the variants here,” he said.

As of Thursday night, the City Health Office recorded a total of 248 active COVID-19 cases, a significant drop from over 700 last month.

The confirmed cases in the city already reached 6,020, with 209 deaths and 5,563 recoveries. (MindaNews)