FACT CHECK Palawan Pawnshop not showering money giveaways on TV hit show ‘Wowowin’

A Facebook page claiming that Palawan Pawnshop is giving away P20,000 to P50,000 through the hit TV program “Wowowin – Tutok to Win” hosted by Willie Revillame on GMA Network and to be guested by broadcast personality Raffy Tulfo is false.

A poster bearing the faces of Revillame and Tulfo and the logos of Wowowin and Palawan Pawnshop was used as the page’s profile photo on October 29, 2021. As of 1 November 2021, the poster has been shared 387 times, gained 515 comments and 757 reactions. Most of the comments contained personal and contact information of netizens who wished to receive the money.

As of posting on Wednesday, the poster was changed, containing only the Palawan Pawnshop logo and the photo of the TV host whose first name was misspelled as “Williei” Revillame.

The dubious Facebook page was created on 23 October 2019 and renamed to “Taga Pagbigay 20K to 50K from Palawan Pawnshop” on 29 October 2021. The page has 4,222 followers and liked by 3,763 people.


Palawan Pawnshop did not sponsor a money giveaway activity on Wowowin.

No similar posts or announcements can be seen on the official Facebook page of Palawan Pawnshop (https://web.facebook.com/palawan.pawnshop/?ref=page_internal) and the pawnshop’s website www.palawanpawnshop.com.

The official Facebook page of Wowowin (https://www.facebook.com/GMAWowowin) did not also announce that Palawan Pawnshop is sponsoring a money giveaway for its lucky viewers.

No similar event was also announced on Tulfo’s official Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/IdolRaffyTulfoOfficial/) nor on the dedicated website for his radio program, Raffy Tulfo in Action (https://raffytulfoinaction.com).

Tulfo flagged a similar scheme in April 2021. He warned netizens on ayuda (financial help) scams or Facebook posts using his name asking for contact details and claiming to give ayuda (https://raffytulfoinaction.com/2021/04/23/idol-raffy-nagbabala-sa-mga-kumakalat-na-ayuda-scam/). The Facebook posts promised that netizens will receive a call from Tulfo if they like and share the information.

Among the bogus Facebook groups that Tulfo flagged was named “Tutok To Win Willi Revillame.” A Facebook group named “Tutok To win” is also spreading the false information that Palawan Pawnshop is giving away money on Wowowin.

MindaNews fact-checking team: Rob Gumba and Bong S. Sarmiento

(This fact-check piece was produced with the support of Internews’ Philippine Fact-Checker Incubator Project.)