55 cases of diarrhea recorded in Pilar town, Siargao Island

PILAR, Siargao Island (MindaNews / 02 January) — Cases of diarrhea have been rising in this town, reaching 55 cases since December 16 when super typhoon ‘Odette’ pummeled Siargao Island where it made its first landfall in the Philippines.

Aside from diarrhea, the hospital treated between December 16 and January 2 at least 30 residents who suffered cuts and bruises and other injuries, according to  Dr. Ivan Anthony Resurreccion, municipal doctor at Pilar District Hospital. 

“We are having tough times but we are trying our best to deliver despite the dire situation,” Resurreccion told MindaNews over USF radio. 

He said they need to soldier on as some of the hospital equipment are severely damaged. 

He  said they managed to salvage some medicines to give to the patients. 

Rowena Baclaya, the hospital’s chief nurse of Pilar District Hospital they are running low on medicines. 

“It’s calamity and we are not spared and even our houses were badly damaged,” she said. 

For hospital attendant Aida Cervantes, “the hospital is at its worst form” as part of its roof was blown away by ‘Odette.’ 

Incessant rain since Saturday has caused flooding in some parts of the hospital.

Some patients had to use umbrellas in the wards to protect them from the downpour. 

“This is an unimaginable situation,” she said.  

On Sunday morning, January 2, a group of volunteers handed several boxes of medicines to the hospital.  

“Nalipay kami sa ijo daya na mga tambay,” (We are happy that you brought us medicines) said Jeremy Basilio, 23 of Barangay San Roque, who is in the hospital for treatment of diarrhea.  (Roel N. Catoto / MindaNews)