Gown designer of VP-elect Sara Duterte: ‘She wears what I decide she should wear’

Fashion designer Silverio Anglacer shows the illustration of the gown that Vice President-elect Sara Duterte will wear during her inauguration on Sunday, 19 June 2022. MindaNews photo by ANTONIO L. COLINA IV

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews / 17 June) – For Davao-based couturier Silverio Anglacer, it is not difficult to dress up Vice President-elect Mayor Sara Duterte who has a penchant for basic and comfortable gowns.
Anglacer, Duterte’s public image consultant, said in an interview that he has grown accustomed to her style, be it for casual or formal, for daily or corporate wear, or for special occasions or official trips after dressing her up since she became mayor in 2010.
When it comes to Duterte’s gown designs, Anglacer said he always has the freehand, allowing him much legroom and confidence to unleash his creative side to work on every piece that he described as “classic with a twist” befitting someone of her stature.
“She doesn’t ask but she just tells me I’m going to this place, or I will be a ninang (godmother), or stand as a first lady for PRRD (President Rodrigo R. Duterte). She doesn’t ask what color or what design. I love the idea that she gives me the freedom to do what I love to do for her,” he said.
Anglacer, who has done Duterte’s ethnic-inspired dresses and barong blouses, said every piece that she makes for Duterte is “really special,” putting extra care on how it will make her feel comfortable by the time she puts on the dress.
He said he makes sure each design has “controlled details.” 

Considering her position as mayor, he said “you cannot put more than enough for Sara because she would not wear it if she would look funny.”
“It’s classic because I work on given variables, especially for the mayor. I would consider her position and her career. When I imagine coming up with a dress for her, it’s more of her personality. It’s more about the person. I work on classic cuts and the basics, and the specific kind of materials that really suit the structure of mayor Inday,” he said.
For Duterte’s inauguration on Sunday, Anglacer said he has prepared a basic emerald green Filipiniana gown that took him about two weeks to make, from sewing to cutting.
“I’m with the mayor for the longest time so it’s easy for me to come up with a design for whatever theme or motif of the gown that she’s gonna wear. I have a special kind of fabric for the mayor. I know what kind of fabric and the details that will fit her,” he added.
He said his latest creation for Duterte is “like a flowing gown” with terno sleeves made of a very soft fabric.
“I love dressing her because she cares for all of my pieces so well. Kung ano feel nya na damit (whatever design she likes), as time goes by, you develop it. You will be inspired to do more for her because you already know she would look really good,” he said.

Anglacer will also dress up Duterte’s family, including the daughter of Mayor-elect Sebastian Duterte, the vice president-elect’s children, her husband lawyer Mans Carpio, and her mother, Elizabeth Zimmerman. (Antonio L. Colina IV/MindaNews)