Experience Mindanao’s Architectural Diversity through Balay Kulayan Coloring Book

Cover of Balay Kulayan Coloring Book

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews / 21 May) – Experience Mindanao’s architectural diversity through a coloring book.

Balay Kulayan Coloring Book is a 70-page interactive book that brings to life the dwellings of five different Mindanao Ethnolinguistic groups and offers the perfect opportunity for creative expression.

The book is published  by the Mindanao Architecture Advocacy Network (MAAN), which works towards safeguarding heritage resources in Mindanao through advocacy campaigns and projects such as this coloring book. The group’s mission is to create awareness among Filipinos on preserving their cultural heritage while celebrating regional diversity. 

The book’s authors: Idr Rose Faith Necessito Brondial, Design Davao Society Founders Nancy Seng and Mark Seng, Ar. Gloryrose Dy Metilla, and Ar. Sheena Franco

The book features detailed sketches of traditional houses from the Ata Manobo, Bagobo Tagabawa, Bagobo Klata, Matigsalug, and Obo Manuvu. 

“With every sketch, discover more about cultural differences with a close eye on color schemes and material swatches,” Balay Kulayan said, adding that each page is smudge-free, so users can experiment with mediums like watercolor, markers, colored pencils, crayons, or pastel colors to bring these vivid designs to life. 

“Color your way to learning and exploration by Balay Kulayan!” said Architect Gloryrose Dy-Metilla, co-writer of Balay Kulayan and President of MAAN. According to her, this “amazing coloring book” is perfect for all ages – from budding architects and creative interior designers and artists to imaginative adults and young children.

Children enjoy the chance to apply colors to the images in the book Balay Kulayan.

“We are excited to offer this unique way of exploring our rich culture,” says Interior Designer and Engineer Rose Faith Necesito-Brondial, co-writer of Balay Kulayan and MAAN Vice President.  “Our goal is for everyone to enjoy learning about our architectural heritage through this one-of-a-kind coloring book,” she said. (MindaNews)